So it's been a month already since university started, and things are busier than ever! D: Not that it's stopping me from procrastinating.. which is a very very bad habit. -_-

But I really shouldn't! This year is super important, as in I have to work really hard and bring my grades up! BECAUSE:


And also learn more French. 

Even now, while I'm just listening to music while waiting to go to the bus station, I could easily just start doing some readings right? But no, I'm not.. 

I think I will do it for sure on the bus though! I don't get how I'm able to concentrate so easily in the library or the cafeteria, but it's nearly impossible to do so at home. Of course, it's the temptation of my laptop... 

Well, definitely can't waste next week! I'm so glad it's reading week.. I used to laugh at the idea of having a reading week a month after school started, but it really is necessary! 

I think I should go start to get ready since my bus leaves in 20 mins and I'm still in my pajamas. 

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