I'm such a lazy bum...

I really don't want to study... I have 2  exams.. On wed and Fri... and I just don't want to study... and there's a couple of overdue assignments which I have to send in soon before the exam... ><

Lol, I should be working my ass off right now but yet I'm camly watching Himitsu no Arashi-chan..! I seriously suck.. I left EVERYTHING to the last minute! I haven't even finished reading parts of the book for one course... and I have less than 5 days to go! ><

Ahh.. I really want it to be over! I really can't wait for the holidays! I can finally get back to my hobbies! I've picked up a few more that I want to try, but I promised myself I wouldn't start until exams are done! It's sad really. I can have an unbreakable concentration when it comes to my hobbies, like for hours and hours... but I can't handle reading my textbook for 1 hour! How am I going to survive in this world...? ;_;

Whatever... This is just something I have to do! It doesn't matter if I don't like it! I just have to get it over with and get on with my life! I can't afford to fail here! Which means... to be fully focused, my laptop needs to go away for the next week! Well after I email all my assignments in.. which will be TOMORROW NIGHT!


Ok, that got my fired up a little! I think I might just repeat that in my head next week lol

Not going to be doing anything tonight... so I might as well get some rest -_-

Ahh~ Arashi week was definitely very awesome! 


So I finally caught up on all the Odoroki SPs just in time for the 10th anniverary live show and 6th Odoroki, but I'll get to that later :P

My favourite is definitely the boat drama~! They've already tried so many boats.. like the paper (more like cardboard) boat, an ice floe, a leaf boat, a straw boat and a kelp boat~! When will Captain Sho finally be able to reach Hatsushima/Tokyo Bay? I wonder what crazy boat the Professor will request this time~?!

Paper Boat

 Ice Floe

Leaf Boat

 Straw Boat

Kelp Boat

Mirror-man is pretty funny too! Haha I love it so much~! I always laugh when they zoom in on Aiba-chan and show how awkwardly he stands out! I can't believe he thinks that attaching mirrors all over his body will make him invisible! Lol he looks more like  a robot than an invisible guy!

Mirror-man on a beach

Mirror-man in a forest

Mirror-man on a ski slope

Mirror-man near some illuminations or something

Hottoke experiments were really funny in D no Arashi, but in Odoroki it's all just plant and vegetable experiments like changing their colours.. or like reshaping them... Not as interesting.. T_T
Apparently in the 6th SP, Ohno and Nino will try to take revenge and make a sakura tree bloom in the fall~!

Another interesting one from the 4th and 5th SP was the newspaper balloon! They try to build a hot air balloon out of newspaper, and that includes the basket and wires! It's just so unbelievable~! Hehe and Sho-chan gets chosen to ride it!

Bibiri Sho-chan haha

But unfortunately.. the balloon is too weak.. and it rips

Jun and everyone else is so dissapointed because all their hard work has gone to waste..

But of course, Sho-chan is :)

And the same thing happened in the 5th SP even though they made it stronger.. Lol, maybe they should stop using such weak materials

So, the 10th anniversary SP... I totally woke up super early and started to watch it on KeyHole TV... and the next thing I know it's 10 AM and there's some show with Downtown on... I can't believe I fell asleep! I really wanted to watch their 3D experiment live~! Well.. I watched it a little while ago and it went well! I had 3D glasses and they really did 'jump out' of the screen!

The last thing I remember was the experiment with Jun where the thing he's sitting on hits something with incredible force and he goes flying out of it.. :O
Ahh~ I want to watch the rest of it~! I'm downloading it.. but Megaupload sucks because of it's download limit... guess it's going to take a couple of days.. -_-

And I'm going to stop here~ So here's 2 random pictures that really made me laugh this week!

So I had my first driving school class... Almost 6 hours of driving theory stuff.. like restrictions, and what can happen if you disobey, road signs, traffic stuff, car parts.. stuff like that! Definitely tiring.. I have 3 more days of this.. -_-

Tomorrow, Monday and next Saturday... will be long lol.

But I have my first actual driving class on Thursday morning... Ahhh I'm scared! ><  Too many driving accident horror stories... Haha but if all goes well, I can do my G2 test on Nov 17.. but before that I need to be completely prepared!

Today's random picture: Oh-chan's drawing of a blue demon~! 

Wow, I really like this layout~! Especially that little border design at the end of my last post! So pretty! XD

So I heard yesterday that they're making a live action movie of the anime Gantz. And guess who's playing the lead?

Yep, Nino-chan and Matsuyama Kenichi! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I recently watched the anime and it's ok. I mean, it's got a lot of action, violence and gore.. I usually don't watch stuff like this, but I started it, and lol I felt that I should finish it! But it was pretty interesting!

Basically it's about these 2 guys, Kei-chan and Katou, who were killed by a train while they were trying to help this homeless man get off the tracks. However, instead of dying, they went to this apartment with a lot of  other people who had also recently died. There, they were told by this giant black ball to kill some type of alien, and after they do, then they are allowed to return to the real world. But if you die in the other world, then you're also dead in the real world. And they keep getting called back by Gantz (the black ball) to keep defeating aliens.

I'm excited to see this movie though! Not because of the anime, but because of those two! ^.^
Nino is going to play Kei-chan and Matsuyama Kenichi is going to play Katou. It'll be cool to see Nino in an action movie, but his character's pretty perverted... I wonder how he'll do it! ><

That's all for today~!

I was going to go to the ROM today... but the weather's really crappy.. so I'll go on Tuesday! And yay, I start driving school tomorrow! One step closer to driving on my own! :P


I guess I just want to write about random stuff! Lol, I think I kinda got tired of my lj since I don't really bother updating much anymore.. Same with mixi, and whatever other blog I may have opened, but then forgotten about :P

Haha, I'll actually write about something in the next one!

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