Just 7 more days until I can go home.

7 days until I have to ask my parents for something.

All the other things I have planned don't even matter right now, like seeing my friends, spending time with my family, having some down time, etc.

Maybe I'm building this up too much in my mind. My brain tends to do that. It comes with these exaggerated scenarios that couldn't possibly happen.

I just want to sit them down, and get it over with. I'm just going to keep telling myself it won't be so bad.

In other news, I haven't seriously started studying for exams yet. One week till my accounting one, and that's going to be the big one. I still have a paper to write for Marketing and my Data Mining assignment to submit. I need to pour my energy into this rather than worrying about things that won't happen.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hate group projects! 
There was a group paper to write for my Data Mining class, and this one girl would never get in touch with the rest of us, or even come to classes. So, my friend and I worked on the main content of the paper. Then, this girl finally emails the Friday before it’s due and says, “I’m happy to do whatever parts that are left!”, which is just the intro and conclusion. So we let her do it, even though it’s such an unfair contribution. 
And two weeks after that, we also have a 15 minute presentation. And again, no reply or contact to our multiple texts. So my friend and I do the powerpoint. And we also tell the professor what’s been going with her. He says he’ll do group evaluations in the last class, but we’ll see what happens.
Anyway, she texted us yesterday saying, “Have you started on the presentation? I’m happy to put it together or do whatever parts are left!” Pretty much the same thing she sent when we were mostly done the paper. My friend and I were hoping she was just not going to come to the last class. Ughhh, she makes me so mad!! Stop leeching of our hard work!! My friend and I were hoping she was just not going to come to the last class.
Just one more day, and I won’t have to deal with her again.

I haven't written here for a while. But, I guess that's because I have Tumblr, and I've been kinda busy. It's not like anyone actually reads this.

Lately, my weekends have been like this one, except for last week when I went to see a movie with my friends. You know how you have those times where you don't want any human contact? I guess, in my case, I don't want to talk to anyone face-to-face or on the phone. Despite feeling like that, I was still feeling pretty lonely. I mean, I did talk to my cousin, and my parents yesterday morning, but then I just got this feeling, and I've just been ignoring my mom's messages to call her. I'm doing this a lot, and just passing it off as forgetting or being busy with school, even though I'm not.

It's a pretty crummy feeling. I'm feeling homesick, but I'm pretty nervous to actually have to go home. Being by myself isn't satisfying. Being at home might not feel satisfying. There's a conversation I need to have with my parents when I go home, and probably every time we talk on the phone, I think about it, and I clam up. I'm really nervous about it. I need to ask for something, and I'm scared about their reactions.

I mean, at least I have something to talk about to someone next time.

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