Haha, I've noticed that pretty much all my recent posts have been about me complaining about something, but why not? :P
It's my blog, so here I am complaining about being under stress again!
Although, it's usually my fault that I put myself under stress by slacking off.
Here's all the things I did to currently raise my stress level so high:

  1. Obviously, I procrastinated, by not doing my readings/practice problems on time.
  2. Why, oh why did I value entertainment during such an important time?! Maybe I should block YouTube until next week, and Facebook, of course
  3. Two tests within 12 hours of each other this week, and also good thing that my essay due on Wed got delayed to next week 
  4. Skipping classes to study, then not studying
  5. NO SLEEEEEEP~ (Very little sleep, actually) I've been a tired little zombie for the past few weeks. The 30-40 minutes of sleep time I get on the bus is not enough -_- 
  6. Not eating right either
  7. Excessive internets that is not related to studying..! 
Well, there's probably more stuff, but I'm running out of time before I have to go catch the train, so it's time to go. I've been really bad the past few weeks, and I ended up skipping classes. Of course, there was a legitimate reason for the week before last, when I sprained my ankle AGAIN! *sigh* 

Time to pack up quickly and leave..  >_<

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