It's the ending theme for Misaki No.1, which is surprisingly good even though it's pretty much another problem students, enthusiastic teacher drama. I did find it a little boring in the beginning because it was another drama where the teacher has a hidden past (No.1 hostess) but it got more interesting after 3 episodes.

Haha I guess I'm trying to get in the habit of doing this daily!

So I guess we're leaving soon for the hotel~ I'm literally packing like 10 mins before we leave, but how much stuff do I  need to take anyways? It's just 1 pair of pajamas, maybe 1 or 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, undies, and a sweater. Also my ipod, phone, charger, e-reader and camera, but those are small and won't take up much space!

I kinda want to wear contacts today, but it looks like a gloomy day anyways =3 I guess I'll stick with glasses for the rest of the weekend!


It's sooo adorable! I want to get one already! <3

Haha twice in one day is amazing!

Love this song! <3
I'm on episode 38 of the 2nd season now! Only 4 more to go! Ken-kun is so sweet now! that exams are over, I am filled with an empty hole called boredom.

I think I'm getting back into my hime craze again~! Because spring/summer is definitely the best for this type of thing (And Canadian winters suck because you can't compromise warmth for cute clothes)! Skirts, dresses, lacey stuff, pink stuff, bows, ribbons, flowers and just generally pretty stuffI! <3
Haha I don't really own much stuff like that, but with the help of my mom and the sewing machine, maybe I'll be able to change some stuff! I has such a big obsession with lace and ruffles  :*.;.*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.;.*:

*sigh* Have to finish cleaning and throwing stuff out before the weekend...! Since it's a long weekend, they'll take away as many garbage bags as we put out! And my family and I are going to this resort too! It's near Algonquin Park and there's a lake, trails and a spa (probably not going there)! Must not take the laptop! And I should spend as much time as I can outside!

Ok, back to cleaning! :3

One more exam to go! Just a little under 5 hours left...!
I panicked so much for Calculus yesterday... and it was actually somewhat hard.. Thank goodness I ended up focusing more on trig substitutions and integration by parts! But the graphs were bad, as usual -_-

Today is the statistics exam. It won't be so bad.. since we're allowed to take in a formula sheet! That's what I have a problem with on a test usually anyways. I can never remember the full formula! I'll get most of it right, but I mess up on one term and I get a totally ridiculous answer, like a negative variance! Haha, once on my Management econ test, there was a question about what the optimal level of workers were, and I messed up the formula.

Real Answer: 4
My Answer: 2 400 000

The prof mentioned it too when we were going over the answers. If he said my name or looked at me at that point, I would have died of embarrassment!  

But I can't wait till I'm done! I will definitely start cleaning my room after today! I left all the stuff I bought at Micheals in the car so I can only use it after cleaning up and shifting everything around!

I went to the library after a long time yesterday. I got a bunch of French grammar books to help me review BECAUSE I'M GOING TO A FRENCH IMMERSION SCHOOL IN TROIS PISTOLES DURING THE SUMMER! XD I'm sooo excited!
And I borrowed some movies too~ Shaun of the Dead and The Wicker Man. I've seen The Wicker Man already, but I thought it was kinda interesting, so I wanted to watch it again with my mom. And Shaun of the Dead has been recommended and I want to watch something funny after this exam..

I just saw the trailer for The Descent, which is also on my list... Scared the crap out of me, but I want to watch it!

Gahhh back to studying! I've successfully wasted 25 minutes! I can't believe it's raining again today.. what a gloomy day..

Today's picture is not some random Arashi picture. Tis the squishy onigiri pillow that I made!

Oh man, I seriously can't even get up to go to my 2nd last day of classes..! Even though I know that I have to go get calculus notes from last week's class, and seeing as I have a French test tomorrow, I should also be going to the last review class.. right? But damn it... It's Monday, and I really don't feel like leaving the house! >.<
But I know that I have to gooo...

I mean, I'll be lazing around at home on Wed anyways, since classes end tomorrow!   

Maybe I should just ask someone to send me the notes...  but then I've got to be totally productive today! So I shall do some calculus, finish doing the exercises in my cahier, and, because it somewhat calms me down, I'll write some kanji! I have to fool around less!

Today's picture: Their smiles can warm my heart on such a cold, cold day~

Can you believe that it was snowing again yesterday?! Canada... *shakes fist* Let it be spring weather already!

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