Oh man, I seriously can't even get up to go to my 2nd last day of classes..! Even though I know that I have to go get calculus notes from last week's class, and seeing as I have a French test tomorrow, I should also be going to the last review class.. right? But damn it... It's Monday, and I really don't feel like leaving the house! >.<
But I know that I have to gooo...

I mean, I'll be lazing around at home on Wed anyways, since classes end tomorrow!   

Maybe I should just ask someone to send me the notes...  but then I've got to be totally productive today! So I shall do some calculus, finish doing the exercises in my cahier, and, because it somewhat calms me down, I'll write some kanji! I have to fool around less!

Today's picture: Their smiles can warm my heart on such a cold, cold day~

Can you believe that it was snowing again yesterday?! Canada... *shakes fist* Let it be spring weather already!


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