that exams are over, I am filled with an empty hole called boredom.

I think I'm getting back into my hime craze again~! Because spring/summer is definitely the best for this type of thing (And Canadian winters suck because you can't compromise warmth for cute clothes)! Skirts, dresses, lacey stuff, pink stuff, bows, ribbons, flowers and just generally pretty stuffI! <3
Haha I don't really own much stuff like that, but with the help of my mom and the sewing machine, maybe I'll be able to change some stuff! I has such a big obsession with lace and ruffles  :*.;.*・;・^;・:\(*^▽^*)/:・;^・;・*.;.*:

*sigh* Have to finish cleaning and throwing stuff out before the weekend...! Since it's a long weekend, they'll take away as many garbage bags as we put out! And my family and I are going to this resort too! It's near Algonquin Park and there's a lake, trails and a spa (probably not going there)! Must not take the laptop! And I should spend as much time as I can outside!

Ok, back to cleaning! :3


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