One more exam to go! Just a little under 5 hours left...!
I panicked so much for Calculus yesterday... and it was actually somewhat hard.. Thank goodness I ended up focusing more on trig substitutions and integration by parts! But the graphs were bad, as usual -_-

Today is the statistics exam. It won't be so bad.. since we're allowed to take in a formula sheet! That's what I have a problem with on a test usually anyways. I can never remember the full formula! I'll get most of it right, but I mess up on one term and I get a totally ridiculous answer, like a negative variance! Haha, once on my Management econ test, there was a question about what the optimal level of workers were, and I messed up the formula.

Real Answer: 4
My Answer: 2 400 000

The prof mentioned it too when we were going over the answers. If he said my name or looked at me at that point, I would have died of embarrassment!  

But I can't wait till I'm done! I will definitely start cleaning my room after today! I left all the stuff I bought at Micheals in the car so I can only use it after cleaning up and shifting everything around!

I went to the library after a long time yesterday. I got a bunch of French grammar books to help me review BECAUSE I'M GOING TO A FRENCH IMMERSION SCHOOL IN TROIS PISTOLES DURING THE SUMMER! XD I'm sooo excited!
And I borrowed some movies too~ Shaun of the Dead and The Wicker Man. I've seen The Wicker Man already, but I thought it was kinda interesting, so I wanted to watch it again with my mom. And Shaun of the Dead has been recommended and I want to watch something funny after this exam..

I just saw the trailer for The Descent, which is also on my list... Scared the crap out of me, but I want to watch it!

Gahhh back to studying! I've successfully wasted 25 minutes! I can't believe it's raining again today.. what a gloomy day..

Today's picture is not some random Arashi picture. Tis the squishy onigiri pillow that I made!


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