It's been a while! Haha I don't know why I haven't posted here! Guess it's just been a little busy.
Anyways, today is the Ontario Speech Contest in which I'm representing my university!
I woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm because of a weird, somewhat foreshadowing dream about today. Well, I had 2 actually.

In the first one, I went and did my speech, then I left my seat and went home. Then, I was playing with my brother, when I look at the time. It's 6:15, and they're apparently supposed to announce the results at 6:30, and I was freaking out that I wasn't there! If I wasn't at the place when they announce results, then I'm disqualified! So I cried because I probably lost.

My second dream was less dramatic. At the beginning of my speech, I ask a couple of questions. So when I asked them, people in the audience started answering them, which is a bad thing because it kept throwing me off! And the whole thing is being timed so I dreamed that I went over and got penalized ! And it was all because of the stupid audience! :(

Well, even though it's only 8:30, I still have a lot of stuff to do before going to contest place, so I should get ready now!

I can totally do it and win today!! I'll be confident and speak clearly and not get nervous! I just have to remember how hard I worked at this! :D

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