Wow, I really like this layout~! Especially that little border design at the end of my last post! So pretty! XD

So I heard yesterday that they're making a live action movie of the anime Gantz. And guess who's playing the lead?

Yep, Nino-chan and Matsuyama Kenichi! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I recently watched the anime and it's ok. I mean, it's got a lot of action, violence and gore.. I usually don't watch stuff like this, but I started it, and lol I felt that I should finish it! But it was pretty interesting!

Basically it's about these 2 guys, Kei-chan and Katou, who were killed by a train while they were trying to help this homeless man get off the tracks. However, instead of dying, they went to this apartment with a lot of  other people who had also recently died. There, they were told by this giant black ball to kill some type of alien, and after they do, then they are allowed to return to the real world. But if you die in the other world, then you're also dead in the real world. And they keep getting called back by Gantz (the black ball) to keep defeating aliens.

I'm excited to see this movie though! Not because of the anime, but because of those two! ^.^
Nino is going to play Kei-chan and Matsuyama Kenichi is going to play Katou. It'll be cool to see Nino in an action movie, but his character's pretty perverted... I wonder how he'll do it! ><

That's all for today~!

I was going to go to the ROM today... but the weather's really crappy.. so I'll go on Tuesday! And yay, I start driving school tomorrow! One step closer to driving on my own! :P


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