I had a lot of fun yesterday~! I met other people going to Japan, and one of them is going to the same university! And I also met a girl who returned from the university that I'm going to attend! I got a lot of my questions answered, and also learned that it's not going to be a complete breeze, suddenly living in a different country!

As nervous and excited as I am, I really can't research and think about this right now! I have 2 more exams to get through (where I need to get excellent grades) to pull up my GPA! And then I can do whatever preparations I want for Japan without feeling guilty!

Why am I even on my blog? I don't know.. I'm going back to studying! I have 4 chapters of math to go through before Sunday!! And why do I have a Sunday exam in the first place?! It's my 2nd year in a row having a Sunday one.. >.<

Here's an excellent Harry Potter Medley that I'm listening to on repeat!


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