Yes, I am procrastinating. I should be doing the French homework or be recopying my micro notes, instead I decided to do this because I haven't written in a while.

My summer courses are passing by really quickly! I'm happy I'm only taking 2 instead of the 3 I was originally planning to take this term.. that would have definitely stressed me out too much! It was a 4th year International Studies course about war and its philosophies, and I couldn't understand anything since I'm an econ major, and not a sociology major.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some pictures~ Granted, I've already done so on Facebook and tumblr, but I'm so proud of them that I want to post it everywhere! Well, that was a bit of a lie.. I am proud of it, but everytime I look at them, my eyes criticize every small mistake I made and I scold myself  about the million ways I could have made it better.

The Golden Snitch

Loki's helmet 

The Mockingjay pin

I suppose I could call these my series of objects from books/movies! I think I just started up with making stuff out of clay again when I felt it was absolutely necessary that I have a Snitch necklace haha. And then, last month, I decided to make Sarah a Mockingjay pin because we're both huge fans of the Hunger Games! Finally, I have become very obsessed with Loki in the past few months, so I decided to make a ring out of his helmet! <3


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