I'm 24! I can't believe it~!

My day's been incredibly boring though. Unfortunately, tomorrow is the start of exam season and I have an exam at 5, along with an essay. And then one more on Tuesday at 11 AM. So, I've been procrastinating, studying and doing my essay, and I still haven't accomplished much.

I shouldn't have procrastinated so much, but it is my birthday, and I'm allowed to relax, and talk to friends and family. I can't wait for the next two days to be over so I can go home. I have to remember to clean my room before I leave, and also start packing my suitcase sometime tomorrow. And do laundry. In addition to studying. Ugh.

This accounting final is stressing me out so much. I need a B and I have a B now but I'm right on the edge, and I need to do really well. But stressing out isn't helping me focus at all!

Even now, I'm procrastinating. I must get back!


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