I kinda feel like I'm losing my mind maybe. For 3 consecutive days, I thought I put my headphones in my  bag! Yet when I get on the bus, no headphones... even though I have this vivid memory of doing it!

I guess this usually does happen after I wake up and I find out that I'll be late..  but the other things I've done at the time actually got done! So what's going on? Am I just dreaming that I put them in my bag?

The same thing happened last week after I came back home. I took my contacts out,as usual and out them in my case. But the next morning, when I went to put them on, one of the contacts was on the table all dried out! It's not possible honestly.. I would never do something like that! Because I have a clear memory of feeling the contact lenses fluid on my finger when I put it in the case!

So unless it jumped out of the case in the middle of the night.. I have no idea what happened!

:'( now I have to go to the optometris and order more tomorrow..

Maybe, if I was actually dreaming at these times, then I really need more sleep. I don't even know why I stay up so late sometimes! After just being in classes all day, I just.want to come home and turn my brain off I guess. A better thing to do would be to sleep.

Since I'm supposed to wake up early and clean up tomorrow, I'll sleep by 10 today!


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