Ahh it's 3 in the morning! But I don't feel like sleeping yet! :3
 I'll write this quickly so I can sleep! Haha I always do this! I think I'm gonna sleep and I get distracted with something! My poor eyes Q.Q

Hmm tomorrow (well, today), I think I'm gonna dye my hair! It's been like a year and 5
 months since the last time I guess, but I really want some light hair for the summer (and for cosplay)!
I'm doing it in Palty Caramel Brown!

I don't really expect it to turn that colour, but just a nice, shiny brown! It's supposed to work well on Asian hair, and since I am in fact from Asia, and have super black hair, it should lighten it! :D
I'm a little nervous though! I've never actually dyed it by myself! The last time I did it at home, my friend helped me with it, but this time, I'll be on my own! Well she was supposed to come this weekend and help me, but she couldn't T_T

Anyways, I'll just do it reeeally carefully tomorrow and hopefully it turns out well! *fingers crossed*

And Wed, I have my Development Econ test x_x I was really stupid and distracted this weekend and I didn't study at all! I've got 2 more days, I suppose, so I better read like 3 chapters a day!

I finally started working on my cosplay too! XD AN is less than 2 weeks away and I'm only starting now~ Hopefully, I'll be able to get everything done on time! I finished my frilly choker thing today and probably Tuesday, I'm going to start on the gloves! Hopefully, on Thursday or Tuesday next week, I can go to Pmall and get my pink umbrella!


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