It's already June! And in a few short weeks I'll be going to Quebec! I'm so excited!

There's two more classes left, and the final exam is on the 15th! So close! >_< I really have to get a move on with the readings and notes! There's going to be short answers on it this time.. So I must focus!

What else? I got my hair cut the other day~ So happy! I think the last time I cut it was almost a year ago, so it had grown pretty long! Like almost to my chest! I wasn't really planning on cutting too much, because I've only had long hair for a little while and didn't feel like going short again! But I suppose a year of neglect does lead to some damage! Especially after I dyed my hair again 2 weeks ago. So I ended up cutting almost 4 inches off! And it feels soo much better! No more dry ends! And I got lots of layers again! I really don't like having it one length~! I think I actually saw some split ends the other day o_o So good thing I did this!

Met up with Sarah the other day to hang out in Kensington market! It was soo fun.. and a little strange! There`s a lot of really cool, vintage stores there! They're also kinda pricey! But some of them are really nice stuff!

Ah, I want to write more, but 'tis late, and I have work in the morning. So glad it's an easy one this week! :D


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