Or more like uncomfortableness, because I have super intense pain killers XD But I don't want to take too many of it during the day since it makes me very drowsy. I'd rather save it for when I sleep.

I got all my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and since this is the only major surgery I've experienced (I've had others but that was when I was much younger), I did not really appreciate not being put under.

I got freezing and laughing gas, but I really did not want to see the dentist's bloody tools, gloves, and him saying random worrying things like, "It's seems to have gone deeper than we originally thought. I hope it won't be a problem." He put something on my finger, which measured my heart beat, and I could hear it going crazy sometimes! Like it was steady for a while, then all of a sudden, it started beating really quickly and made a very strange noise! Even the dentist had to stop for a minute to see what was going on, but I guess I was getting nervous, even though it didn't feel like it. Well, I was breathing laughing gas, I suppose. Haha, my mom said it was supposed to make me high, but I guess I was just so nervous, it just made me more calm. 

I don't know if the freezing didn't work too well on one tooth, or if it was way too close to my jaw nerve, but I felt some pain while it was being pulled out! Not too bad though. What hurt the most was when he was trying to remove the upper teeth, and he had to pretty much yank the sides of my mouth to stretch it since it wasn't big enough. And obviously, there was no numbing out there, so it hurt like hell. I just gripped the sides of the chair and just closed my eyes till it was over. 

Gah.. I'm so hungry though, but I guess I'll just have to bear with liquids for the next few days, because I can't open my mouth much, on account of my bruised sides.. -_- 

I guess today will be a relaxing day, since any movement is painful. >_< Maybe I'll just finish reading 'The Time Traveler's Wife' and watch some movies. The book is amazing by the way. I love the narration style, where it's a 1st person view from the Henry and Clare of different time periods. I'm starting to think though, maybe I should be watching the movies before reading the books, because I get my hopes up so much and I'm so utterly disappointed when I see how they cut out or changed stuff, even though I know that it's inevitable. 

Anyways, I'm going to slowly drink my hot chocolate with milk, and read. Here's a picture from Ikemen desu ne, to which I've really gotten addicted! 

I love Ren~ <3 I hope he get Mio and Ren (the middle two) can be together (which they probably will XD) 


OMG SO BRAVE. I was supposed to get mine out in grade 9...but I never did >.> 2 of them came out, and they're okay, but my bottom two are hurting my jaw now...

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