I'll post the Arashi Blast parts later because I'm pretty busy, and kinda pooped tonight.

So this semester, I decided to be a little more outgoing, and I joined the Korean Culture Club on campus. I haven't really listened to much kpop other than DBSK and SG Wanabe, but I watch Korean movies sometimes. I did try to go to the Japanese club, but it was just soo boring. It was like a lecture. A very disorganized lecture that made me just want to be on my phone the whole time. Also, I had class right after, so I could only stay for a little while.

Anyways, the first meeting that I went to, they were talking about holding the Dream Concert in Nov, and they wanted to have 'auditions' that day. I really wasn't very confident in my dancing skills, but I just thought 'why not?' and decided to do it. So they taught a little 30 second guy and girl dances with a freestyle portion (>_<) but I somehow did by just incorporating Arashi dances. Then, a week later there was a 2nd 'audition', and the dances I got were A by Got7 and Sleep-talking by Nu'est.

Fast forward to now~ the actual concert is on Friday, Nov 21, and we've been practicing like crazy! I think on Friday, we did about 4 hours, and today was about 3 hours. And at least 2 or 3 hours tomorrow, because it's the final check before the concert. And surely some more time during the week, not including 2 dress rehearsals. So exhausting!! I'm glad it's not too busy a week for me.

But as I typed that, I realized it wasn't true. I have 2 quizzes, a paper and an assignment due on Monday, and a presentation to do on Tuesday, and then I'm free the rest of the week. And there's also a couple of events that I want to go to. -Sigh- It's going to be tiring. Ok, no fooling around and binge watching stuff on Netflix! I gotta be responsible and budget my time! It's such a difficult task, honestly.

No procrastination, Aarathi! Focus and finish everything in time! I wasted all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so I have to focus and work hard tonight and tomorrow! I'll take my books to the final check if I have to!

I'll only allow Netflix right now because I haven't eaten dinner yet >_<  But after that, nothing until Tuesday night!

Ahh, this is not good, eating at almost 1 AM.


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