Last week~!
It was kind of hell at work this weekend.. but I don't really want to talk about it! I'm bad at dealing with jerks...

That aside, I got my final mark for economics back already!! While I was at the maid cafe, I happened to look at my phone, and I noticed an email from my professor. The test was the same day, so I knew he would mark it before the day was over. However I didn't expect him to calculate the final mark already too! When I got back home, I gathered my courage, and opened the pdf with the marks of the whole class. And...


This was seriously one of the hardest courses I've ever taken.. And it doesn't help that I was really not prepared for this. Why can't they update the official requirements to show that you really do need other courses if you want to be able to understand the contents better? Because that's exactly what my professor did for the 2011-2012 session. :( But, whatever.. it's done now! I'm honestly not even upset that I passed with such a meager mark.. I just never wanted to take it again. Like my dad says, some courses you have to do and pass, the marks don't matter! I'm confident that my other courses (i.e. my language courses) will balance this out, so I'm not too worried! Gotta keep my GPA up so I can go to 日本 in a couple of years! 

Also, they've already released the fall schedule for my campus, so I planned out my courses yesterday! My schedule literally looks like a T! Haha, I have morning classes from Monday to Thursday, and then on Wed, I have classes for 9 straight hours, from 9 AM - 6 PM. Maybe the timings of my classes will change later... :( Hopefully, something or the other will finish early, so I can have at least a little break! The only class I don't know about is Japanese! But that lecture schedule will probably be released in May/June. 

I'm clearly only writing this because I'm distracting myself from studying for calculus. So I shouldn't do that... I have to go at 3, so I can make it in time for my Japanese test! 

Ok, I'm making a definite promise here! On Friday, after most  tests are done, I will begin cleaning my room! I'll start with the side with the bookshelf, and clean all weekend if I have to! So it can look as pretty as the ones I like to look at in インテリア雑誌!

And one last thing, I've been rewatching Digimon Adventures (the 1st season), and relieving my childhood! Of course, I'm only doing something like this when I'm supposed to be busy as hell studying for all my tests.. >_<


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